Digi Digitals is a website building platform that helps you create an international website with a com extension without the need for programming knowledge. By using Digi Digitals, you will not need to do difficult processes such as purchasing a host, buying a domain, connecting the host to the domain, backing up the website, programming, buying the required plugins, etc.

Everyone knows the answer to this question. Even yourself! In today’s world, you need to build an online business and offer your services and products online. The best way or rather the only way to have an online business is to build a website.

In general, you need a site for 3 reasons:

  1. If you are looking for customers: introduce your services and products and collect new customers.
  2. If you have many customers: customer management and building a CRM for customer management, responding to them, warehouse management and accounting
  3. If you have an Instagram page: automatic sales without the need to send and receive bank account information, product shipping information and the complicated order process from your business.

Just choose your site address. For example,, then you will enter the plan selection stage. Choose your favorite design from dozens of pre-made designs. The design will be installed on your site immediately.

Finally, you will enter the management panel page of your site. On this page, you can see the required training videos and start producing content for your site.

The cost of building each website on Digi Digitals platform is 300 dollars. Of course, in the purchase of subsequent sites, $150 will be returned to your user panel as a commission, and this amount can be deposited into your account.

Currently, you have to pay $15 per year to buy a domain name.

You need to pay $10 per month to buy the hosting required for your site. which reaches 120 dollars per year.

Website design has different costs, but to build a normal website, you need to pay at least $200 to a website designer.

After that, you need to pay at least $100 to buy the original version of Google site improvement plugins, page builder and site security.

In total, you need to pay at least $435 to build a website. Without considering the cost of hiring an expert to back up and solve technical problems of your site.

You will get all the above services by paying 300 dollars. Besides, in the following years, you only need to pay 30 dollars for hosting and domain!

In site builder systems, you cannot backup your site and transfer it to another system. So, if these systems ask you a large amount for renewal, you have to pay this fee. If you don’t renew the service, all your content that you have worked for for years will be deleted.

But at Digi Digitals, you can make a backup of your site at any moment and transfer your content to any other network.

You can send a technical support request from the management panel of your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and share your problems with our supporters.

Your site will have more than 333 features. See the list of facilities here.

You will also receive a .com domain, hosting with 100 GB space (expandable), as well as automatic site creation, backup and SEO process from us.

All the processes necessary for your site to be optimal for Google will be done. All you have to do is create content so that your site appears in the top Google results.

Naturally, the display of your site at the top of Google results depends entirely on you. It depends on the number of contents published per day, the quality of the contents and their exclusivity. That is, do not copy the content from the internet.

You can get 50% commission by introducing new people and selling the site to them. That means, from the order of the second site onwards, $150 will be deposited into your account in cash.